30 November 2007

!!! ALSO !!!

$5 + shipping
gets you:
one, 28 page + covers comic. 8 pages of color on the inside that cost me dearly at kinkos. cover is hand-stenciled, two-color!

Get them HERE

carrie okie band poster

carrie okie band poster
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A poster I did for the Carrie Okie Band's upcoming show. I really like how this came out. I think I might actually try to get it framed.

Everyone should go hear their stuff on MySpace

Comic Collaboration Thing (p.2)

Comic Collaboration Thing p.2
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This is page two (me).

Comics Collaboration Thing (p.1)

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So, I've started to do this collaboration with navan.ghee on Flickr. Basically, we're trading off page at a time, each person giving the other person three words as a prompt. No crosshatching. No greyscale. This is page one (him).