30 March 2009

Kundera covers

Kundera 10

New pink, rearranging the blue, a bit.

Kundera 11

Another pink.

Kundera 13

Another pink and more rearranging the blue.

Kundera 14

Another pink.


This is the old one, for reference.

CD package

Supa Dupa! - CD cover 1

Supa Dupa! - CD cover 2

Supa Dupa! - CD cover 3

Supa Dupa! - CD cover 5

Supa Dupa! - CD cover 4

13 March 2009


tetchy - hello

i tooke the typeface i drew and made vectors in illustrator. i imported them into fontforge and scaled them all. i'm still figuring out all the kerning issues in fontforge, so bear with me. i don't really want to shell out the $$$ for fontlab and opensource programs like fontforge... well... opensource always has its flaws. somehow, also, in the .otf conversion it has scooted over every letter by one... so z doesn't work. b types a. i types h, etc etc. if i get frustrated trying to figure this out in the next couple of days, maybe i could just leave it as an illustrator file? bah.

but. i made a little sample of it. even with all that flaws. hand kerned it a bit, albeit rather quickly. still trying to figure out how it goes together, you know?

if anyone wants to play around with it, just let me know. i can send you what i've got.

09 March 2009

Type book as of now

Type spread - page 2 - try 4?

Type spread 3 - try 3

Type Spread 4 - try... I give up

Spread 5

Type Spread 6