13 March 2009


tetchy - hello

i tooke the typeface i drew and made vectors in illustrator. i imported them into fontforge and scaled them all. i'm still figuring out all the kerning issues in fontforge, so bear with me. i don't really want to shell out the $$$ for fontlab and opensource programs like fontforge... well... opensource always has its flaws. somehow, also, in the .otf conversion it has scooted over every letter by one... so z doesn't work. b types a. i types h, etc etc. if i get frustrated trying to figure this out in the next couple of days, maybe i could just leave it as an illustrator file? bah.

but. i made a little sample of it. even with all that flaws. hand kerned it a bit, albeit rather quickly. still trying to figure out how it goes together, you know?

if anyone wants to play around with it, just let me know. i can send you what i've got.


  1. looks great.

    think i have a copy of fontographer if you like?



  2. hey there! beautiful font.. but to be honest the original hand drawn version is AMAZING. somehow with the computer, it's lost some of it's soul. just my humble opinion! keep up the amazing typography! - a former genevive student :)