12 November 2010


Oh my goodness. I never put anything here! But, then, I haven't been doing much design work lately. All that has changed, though, as I have a gig with a restaurant working on stuff for them. Packaging. Menus. T-shirts. Everything!

Here is something I've been working on. Moving towards something I think is better. Maybe? Still not there yet. But feeling closer.

I think I might try putting stars instead of asterisks. Trying some different color schemes. This place is fun and their label should be, too! I'm trying to find all the info on the nutritional labels. Haven't actually touched that from the file they gave me to begin with. Anyway. I'm kind of excited where this is going.

24 February 2010

Angel Cover

Been working on a cover for my graphic novel that I've been writing. Had the thumbnailed idea for a while, and finally sat down yesterday and drew the mofo. Marathon drawing, for sure! Actually, I've gotten a lot faster than I used to be. From pencils to completion, only around 3.5 hours.

I did a bunch of color combinations and then asked a bunch of people what they thought. Apparently they think like I do because this is the one with the most votes.


And this is the one with the second most votes