01 May 2008

civil war 365

civil war 365
Originally uploaded by wormulus
another illustration for 365observations.com

for an explanation: obama is winning the south and hillary is winning the north as far as which states they've won. i'm not really sure what dylan plans on writing about on 365observations, but this is what he asked for -- obama and clinton in a standoff with rifles. obama in a confederate uniform and clinton in a union one.

i'm really happy with how the image itself came out, regardless of what it's supposed to be about. I used one of those pigma graphic 1mm pens to draw it instead of my usual brush/ink or rapidographs. I like the chunkiness of the lines and the washed out colors i used. i think i might try some future illustrations with this same method in the future. especially since i can carry this pen with me easier than i can brush/ink.