15 September 2008

SVA first assignment - try 6

Another poster for my SVA graphic design class. This is my favorite of the posters thus far. Messing with the kerning like this is definitely not something I would do usually, but I thought that maybe breaking up just the simple word would give it more of a sense of rhythm in itself without repetition.

I'm really looking forward to printing this out large and seeing it.

12 September 2008

SVA first assignment - try 1

We were tasked with making an 11"x16" poster using the word "rhythm" to explore type/fonts. This is what I made first. I'll probably toss around a few more ideas before next Thursday. (I've already started another one, actually, and I have plans for maybe two more).

All done with the GIMP + some torn out letters/scans (and a lot of patience because my computer kept running out of virtual memory)

(i would suggest looking at it large or full size)

11 September 2008

SVA class

SVA class - try1
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So I'm taking this graphic design class at the School of Visual Arts and our first class was today (class is on Thursdays). Our in-class assignment was to use these sheets of Letraset rub-on letters to make a "poster" on the white side of an index card. This was my first try. All the letters used in the sun/clouds/man are letters from my name (L. Nichols).

The second try is here. On the second try, I decided that what I liked most was the little guy with the dandelion, so I tried to do a simplified version of just him using just the letters from my name (L. Nichols). I like how this one came out better, though many in the class preferred the first. What do you think?

09 September 2008

Group show opening from Sept. 5

Opening night crowd
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At the Upstate Artists Guild gallery on Lark St. in Albany, NY. I have four paintings in the Pow! show, up until Sept 25.

It was this crowded or more so all evening! I was glad so many people were there, but it was damn hot. I ended up leaving and coming back later after the sun had set. Had some yummy Thai food across the street from here.

My first show!!

08 September 2008

mommabird + me print

mommabird + me print
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A photo of a print that Stephanie and I did together as our first venture into using the Gocco press. I've framed mine in this little frame I found at a garage sale for $1. I totally sliced my finger open on the glass while cleaning it off before I put this print in.

Prints up for sale at etsy