15 September 2008

SVA first assignment - try 6

Another poster for my SVA graphic design class. This is my favorite of the posters thus far. Messing with the kerning like this is definitely not something I would do usually, but I thought that maybe breaking up just the simple word would give it more of a sense of rhythm in itself without repetition.

I'm really looking forward to printing this out large and seeing it.

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  1. hey l nichols -

    i met you at MOCCA last June and wanted to buy one of your little Robot Paintings but was broke - now I'm putting together another one of the nyc comix zines I do with my friend Sarah Perry Stout, and am wondering how to contact you to get a drawing for it - we'll have an art show late January that you'd be included in as well! my info is: Jenniferblowdryer.com, or blowdryer.media@gmail.com