24 February 2006

more random thoughts on the matter

after talking to mr. j. barabas last night, i realized that maybe i should clarify my argument. i'm not saying that there should be an absence of theory... i'm more saying that there should be less of an emphasis on it. and i feel that this has been said over and over again by various people. there should be theory with method. no just method. no just theory. and people should stop being told that one is more valuable than the other... that you're "smarter" if you're all theory.

action! it's all about action. experience your experiences... don't just listen to other people talk about their experience, or worse yet... listening to other people theorize about experiences they didn't even have.

coming back to my own experiences...

i really hate it when i hear people saying "oh... you must be talented" after seeing my drawings or my art. no no NO! i've been devoting a large portion of my life to doing this since i decisively made a choice to do so when i was around 4 or 5 years old. everyone has the potential to do it. the only way you get good is by actually doing it. i do it because i care about it. i do it because i can't live without doing it. i'm only (somewhat) good at it because i do it.

so stop thinking that you can't do things.
go out and do them
everyone sucks at the beginning
it's just easier to get away with sucking at things if you're a kid.

sometimes i think that the smartest people of all are the ones who just shut up and get done what needs to get done. the people who always have a knack for figuring out the right thing to do. maybe it's all just a matter of listening.

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