03 June 2006

workshops in scotland -- photos!

i figure that i should probably show what i've been working on... or really, what the kids in scotland worked on when i ran two workshops over there.

ok. so <- that is supposed to be an angel. this group of two girls made this. they were 9 or 10 years old. it goes back and forth and kind of wiggles.
this -> is supposed to be a skeleton and a gorilla that fight. they originally wanted it to pop out of the coffin in the front, but couldn't figure out how to do that, so they made them fight. when the rack (the thing that they're standing on) goes back and forth, they sway.

this <- is the group that made this clock that says "time flys". it rocks back and forth.

this -> is supposed to be a potato, or "tattie" as they say in scotland. he's wearing a little tam. they made him a kilt, but i don't think they got around to putting it on him.

this <- was made by a group of boys who were in to mountain biking and motocross. they made this motorcycle that rocks back and forth. this is all them, too. all i helped them with was showing them briefly how the mechanism could possibly move and showing them how to solder. for two hours work, i'm pretty impressed.

this -> is supposed to be a monkey swinging on a tree. it's pretty cute when it's moving. they wanted more time to put leaves on the tree and make the monkey swing a little better. but, again, for only two hours, i think they did an excellent job.

there are a few more, but i don't have photos of them right this second. i'll put them up either later tonight or maybe tomorrow. one is of a dolphin, and one is of a robin.


  1. wow that is cool that u know and teach how to soder, i wish u could teach me because i just broke the track pad motherboard connection inside the laptop i was upgrading, oh well i guess i will have to pay some one to do it for me.
    i see now that u are in scotland, pretty cool, i guess u dont go to MIT after all.
    see u at OS

  2. oh no. i do go to MIT. this was just something i did when one of the media lab's sponsors flew me over for a conference.