26 October 2006

in the meantime

i have a paper due today on an existing "dystopic" technology. i was tempted to write it on... i don't know. marketing aimed specifically at kids? corporations? the stock market and the idea of constant growth being necessary? digital rights management and the loss of fair use and the subsequent cooling effect on creativity? tv? but maybe i'll do it on myspace and the shallow social interactions it helps build.

but for now, i thought i'd just put up some comics of mine.

p2 and p3.

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  1. The whole thing about companies requiring constant growth has been really pissing me off lately. I can understand why a bunch of companies have been considering taking themselves private again, since it's no longer enough for a company to simply prove itself sustainable, or even profitable -- it has to be making CRAZY MONEY every year, or else the shareholders go insane. High-level execs of these public companies are lucky to last just a couple of years, which is causing a bunch of them to really suffer because it doesn't allow enough time for long-term planning and investment. You see the same thing almost everywhere you look in media as well -- TV shows, video games, web companies... It's not just about making a buck, or about a quick buck, it's about making BILLIONS of quick bucks. Which, as anyone with any experience at all will tell you, only comes along once in a blue moon. Ugh. This kind of behavior is bad for everyone -- it's bad for the companies, bad for the shareholders, and bad for the consumers. No good will come of this... Something wicked this way comes.

    Wow. Sorry about the rant. I guess I shouldn't allow myself to post comments after midnight. :)