21 July 2008

color experiment (pages 1&2)

pages 3&4 can be found here

playing around with markers and colors in my moleskine. colors scanned a little weird (i.e. the pink/magenta is not as bright as it is in real life.)

I figured I deserved to play/experiment a bit since I finished the inside of the next issue of "jumbly junkery" a month and a half early! I'll send those to the printer in the next week or so and then gocco the covers in august. i can hardly wait!


  1. This and 'Sour Grapes' my two most recent faves of yours. Love the increasingly 'toony work... Not that you didn't have a style before, but the color's really helping emphasize the simple beauty of your linework, creating something more 'toony. Beautiful.

  2. oh! i'm glad you like it. i thought the sour grapes one came out well, too. i've totally been digging the bright colors. i think that now that i've been laid off, i'll try to start on this robot comic i've been thinking of for a while. or maybe the one about my childhood babysitter. hm.