26 May 2009

More things

I've been trying to sort through my stuff, figuring out where I've gone and where I'm going (in a visual sense). So here's some of the stuff I've thought I've done well recently (with recently being in the last few years or so).

A Sudden Rush of Consciousness

I drew this one in one several hour long jag. I had nothing planned to begin with. Mostly, I wanted to try and capture more than just an image. Tried a bit to get motion in there, and thought... the way thoughts come and go in a moment incoherently. The way all these thoughts add up to an experience.


This is from a sketchbook several years back. I always really liked the semi-nonsensical equation I made up for the haircut. Again, trying to capture the experience of a moment, perceptually, rather than a pure representational thing.

this man is unable to fly

This is also from a sketchbook several years back. I drew it while flying to the UK. Was trying to play around with extending off of collage and substituting words for the images in the place where the image should be. (the toes on the guy, for example)


An illustration I made for my portfolio website.



Book Cover

Three book covers done as a set as a project in intermediate graphic design. I really liked the way these came out.

He-Man Linocut

A linocut block print I made of He-Man... or at least how I remembered He-Man. I think I've had a thing with eyelashes lately.

carrie okie band poster

A poster for a friend's band. I really like how the text fits with the image here. Clean and simple but hand made.

SVA first assignment - try 6

A poster I made for beginning graphic design on the word "rhythm." Tried to get rhythm both in page layout and in the spacing of the letters of the word "rhythm."

My first rock poster ever commissioned

My first band poster ever. Trying to capture a bit of the DIY punk thing, only doing it my way? Tried to make something xerox friendly.


I've been making the bulletin covers for the Greenpoint Reformed Church. Pretty much, I can make whatever I want, so I've been playing around with a bright, cheerful, and simple (yet hand-made/imperfect) style.

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