29 May 2009

Provided by the Management Zine

The zine I did in intermediate graphic design (pdf)

inspired by seeing the Russian Futurists exhibit at the Getty. It's collage + drawings... the collage mostly coming from receipts and brochures. Trying to take every day symbols and combine them with thoughts and concepts and things. Trying to do a more loose interpretation of physics concepts as a way of symbolizing things like trajectory and disorder and heat and stuff.


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  2. hmmm.

    i'm unclear now.

    try to be more precise with your language.

    if i understand you correctly, what you're attempting is very broad?

    perhaps try to focus in a bit so that what you're doing actually is doable in ten weeks.

    want you to have success at something a bit different from what you usually do.

    perhaps that will help you to feel more flexible, hence more employable main (or semi main) stream?