17 June 2009

Diffusion - spread in progress

Diffusion + gossip

Working on this. The graphic on the right is a representation of a game of "Telephone" I played with 12 people passing the message "Gossip follows the law of diffusion". I was trying to show how it mutated. Am still playing around with this. So if you have any suggestions, let me know. This is a sort of mid-process snapshot of what I'm working on.

(also, the margins got cut off a bit exporting as a tif, so just trust me that there are a bit more margins on the printed out physical version)

1 comment:

  1. good, l.

    but, before you go too far with experimenting by hand and get something you like and cannot reproduce, you need to tighten up your typography and color palette, etc.

    you need a grid and a template.

    as long as you see this as experimentation and realize you will have to replicate, okay.

    but, if you do something you really like and need to go back because the typography isn't right, i think you're going to be disappointed?

    so, maybe attend to the details first.

    then the larger issues.