28 July 2009

I mentioned in class last week that I had some posters and a banner to make as a favor for some friends and their rock camp. I've been packing my house up like crazy since we're moving next week, and also since we're flying to Seattle on Wednesday morning at the crack of dawn. All of that together didn't leave too much time to make said posters and banners, but I took the better part of this evening and gave it my best shot.

Try 1. I thought this was a little stiff. After this, went in a different direction:
BEA Flyer 1

Try 2. Thought that maybe illustrations more like I've been doing on my project would work for this. Decided to stick with this style:
BEA Flyer 3

Try 3. Different illo:

Try 4. Adding some color:

Try 5. Playing around with colors. Liked this better than the one before:

So then I ran with those last colors and made a banner kind of putting everything together that I liked from before:

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  1. “Creativity is an advertising agency's most valuable asset, because it is the rarest.”