09 July 2009

spread 5 variations

First draft:

Second draft:


  1. L, this is Rainelle from Intermediate Design class. The one who got really excited over the color pink, lol. Yes, me. I see you're stil doing wonderful work and super talented! Keep it going. I look forward to seeing your work in some store/museum so don't give up!


  2. This is looking good, a nice complement to the other pieces. Lots of friction in the image but have you thought about extending that feeling to the rest of page? Maybe fill some of the space, or do something with the word friction like you did on diffusion?

  3. You know, David... that was the same thought I had. I was thinking maybe sand paper? Eraser? I'll play around and see what I come up with. This was just a quick sketch to see how it would look with the others before diving in to do more hand work.

    One of my friends put it that the guy in the blue background gives the feeling of "an astronaut screaming into his helmet"